Gynaecology and Urology


Gynaecologists are often called obstetrician-gynecologists, because they frequently practice both specialties. Obstetrics is the care of pregnant women, and gynaecology is the specialty that deals with disorders and diseases of the female reproductive system. OB-GYNs take care of women who are pregnant and deliver babies. In addition, an OB-GYN or a gynecologist might provide birth control education and treatment, screen a woman for cancer, treat a sexually transmitted disease, manage symptoms of menopause or perform surgery such as a hysterectomy.


Urologists specialise in the treatment of diseases, injuries and disorders of the kidneys and bladder. Whether you're male or female, your sex organs and your urinary tract are connected or co-located in the same area of the body, so urologists may treat some conditions also treated by gynecologists. Some urologists specialize. They may focus on kidney transplants, or only treat men who have problems with erections. Others may limit their practice to only men or only women.

Here at Western Downs General Practice we deal with both these areas. We closely liaise with specialists and the Toowoomba Hospital when referrals are needed.