Annual Blood Tests

If you're healthy and under 35 you don't really require an annual checkup, every 2-3 years will suffice.

Also if you've never had your cholesterol checked or don't know your Blood Pressure (BP), then consider this - 55 per cent of the adult Australian population has elevated cholesterol and 1 in 5 has high blood pressure. The odds are greater than 50:50 that you'll have at least one of these risk factors. If you don't find out you have a problem, you probably won't take the appropriate action to rectify it. If you are 35-45, and in good health, with no known risk factors, then a check-up every few years will suffice. Beyond 45 an annual checkup is recommended.

A blood test that includes cholesterol, HDLs, LDLs, triglycerides, fasting blood glucose, liver function tests and any other relevant tests should be performed.