Insurance Paperwork

Dr Qureshi and Dr Sharma are our two Doctors who accept insurance paperwork.

Insurance paperwork is not covered by Medicare.

There will be a fee involved for the completion of insurance paperwork. The fee amount is dependent on how in depth the paperwork is.

Occasionally the insurance company will pay the fee. We expect the fee to be paid up front before any paperwork is sent to any organisation.

Insurance companies generally contact GPs for two types of information. First and foremost to assist in the assessment of a client or potential client’s risk profile. In these cases, most requests deal with facts – that is, what is the health status of the client before entering into the insurance contract? In some cases, the GP will be asked to provide an opinion on fitness for a task or activity. Second, insurance companies will contact GPs for verification of events, including injuries, death or hospitalisation. In this second case, the information desired is invariably limited to documentation of the facts.

Please let reception staff know in advance that you are seeing the Doctor in relation to insurance paperwork. This includes total disability claims too.