Acute Illness Management

At the Western Downs Health Centre we believe in preventative care first.

We offer Cardio Vascular Disease Assessments, Diabetes Cycle of Care and Asthma Action Plans.

Our practice also provides Health Assessments for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients, patients aged between 45-49 and patients over the age of 75.

Health assessments are an annual occurrence. At the time of the health assessment the patient will be placed on our recall system and receive a phone call or a letter to advise the patient when they are due.

During the health assessment an ECG will be performed and a pathology request for blood tests will be given. The assessment will include a talk with our Nurse in regards to any help the patient might require. Whether it's help around the house or information about Meals on Wheels.

GP Management Plans are also an annual appointment.

Patients already on our recall system will receive a letter or phone call when they are due. The Doctor will have already nominated what preventative allied health services the patient requires, be it Dietitian, Podiatry, Physio or Exercise Physio.

We perform ECGs and Spirometry's here at our practice.

 We have Live Life Physio at our practice and a visiting Dietitian and Podiatrist from Vital Health Dalby who are able to assist patients.