Dalby Skin Cancer Clinic

At Western Downs Health Centre we offer to all patients with an Australian Medicare Card a bulk billing service for Skin Cancer Checks.

When making your booking please indicate you would like a full skin check as they require a longer appointment.

Full skin checks are a full body inspection so we require that patients not wear any make-up, moisturises, Tanning, sunscreens and no nail polish on fingers or toes for this appointment as Dr O'Reilly will be examining your nail beds due to the popularity of nail polishes that require UV light to set. Dr O'Reilly needs to have a clear view of any moles or discolorations.

The Dalby Skin Cancer Clinic utilises new technologies to help document changes or growth in area that are being monitored. Computer Images are taken of moles that are being specifically watched for any changes in a 6 to 12 month period.

Patients will automatically be placed on our recall list for either the 6 or 12 month Full Skin Check recall. This is important as a comparison photo will be taken and checked with the previous image